Anti-Slip Surfaces

Safe access, safe underfoot surfaces, non slip wet surfaces, safe working around machinery etc. Health and Safety is a key issue for most businesses in the public and private sector.

We supply a complete range of Non Slip Paints, Anti Slip Coatings in a variety of colours including Safety Yellow for a variety of interior and exterior floors - anywhere where moisture and other substances may cause the floor to be slippery. These safety anti slip and non slip paints are ideal for:

  • industrial and commercial floors such as shops, schools, hospitals, old people's homes, factories, warehouses, loading bays and kitchens
  • water side areas such as marinas, quaysides, pontoons and decks
  • bare foot areas such as gymnasiums, swimming pools, showers and changing rooms
  • specialist uses such as access ramps for wheelchairs

There are varying degrees of textures we can achieve depending on the customer's requirements.

A finely textured aggregate can be added to achieve a finish that is safe for pedestrian traffic yet will withstand heavy lift truck usage. Chemical resistance is good and the tough epoxy resin ensures durability.

A heavier duty slip resistant aggregate can be encapsulated to be used for doorway entrances where fork-lift trucks enter buildings after being outside in wet condition. The coating is very tough, water and chemical resistant and used for potentially hazardous areas to prevent slipping accidents.

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