Dust-Free Preparation

Preparation is key, and we have the experience and knowledge to prepare your floor ready for your flooring materials to be applied.

Dust Free Shot Blasting

We offer our Shot-blasting service which is a very efficient, all-in-one, environment friendly technique. It is a very cost-effective solution with no water or chemicals and is an enclosed circuit process.

The machines that we operate provide the perfect solution to floor preparation and remove most types of coatings from concrete flooring (99.9% dust free).

It is the method recommended by major flooring manufacturers providing an ideal surface profile for Epoxy Resin Floor Coatings, Polyurethane Floor Paints, Floor Screeds and Sealants.

Typical applications include removal of floor paint, preparation for new flooring systems, floor preparation prior to painting, concrete texturing, laitance & glue residue removal and creating a profile for anti slip systems.

Vacuum Shot blasting is the industry standard for floor preparation and will produce a superior surface.

Diamond Grinding

We offer the service of vacuum assisted diamond grinding for the preparation of concrete surfaces where we can level out uneven concrete. The removal of coatings and adhesive residue can also be achieved. Diamond grinding allows a smooth finish which is ideal for thin-film coatings and high-build epoxy coatings and screeds.

We also have an extensive range of hand held dust-controlled equipment with the added provision of our own power supply.

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