Pumpable Screeds

Pump applied screeds are industrial floor toppings used for the renovation of old, tired and worn floors. These particular systems can provide a high performance cementitious self smoothing compound which is based on the latest in cement and polymer technology. Application thickness can be between 5mm - 25mm in one application.

When mixed with water a highly fluid fast setting compound is produced which is suitable for use in industrial environments giving an extremely hard wearing floor surface.

They are often installed in Warehouses, factories and other areas with a high volume of traffic. Areas up to 1,000m2 can be laid in a day and can be foot trafficked after 8 hours.

It can be mixed easily and applied by hand for smaller projects. The pump screeds can also be used as a levelling screed underneath a wide range of resin coating toppings as well as vinyl, carpet and other floor finishes.

They can also be coated with Epoxy coatings to give the floor a coloured finish.

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